In the July issue of Aeroflot magazine we will tell our readers about the most interesting sporting and cultural events of the month, as well as new books and films. Actor, producer, and showman Mikhail Galustyan will present his company’s upcoming films; the 5th Moscow Biennale for Young Art Commissioner Ekaterina Kibovskaya will invite everybody to see bold projects by artists from all over the world; actor Ivan Yankovskiy will explain why he does Thai boxing; and writer Oleg Zaionchkovsky will share his outlook on graphomania and “pure prose”.The Travel section will help you plan a vacation to the Spanish coast of Costa Blanca, discover the three ancient capitals of Japan and a hidden nature gem of Russia: the Divnogorye wildlife preserve. For those who prefer active vacations, we have interesting and scenic biking routes in Europe, Crimea, United States, and Japan.This month’s Cuisine section is dedicated to Moscow chefs’ daring experiments with habitual rapa whelks, sea urchins, and oysters.Searching for evidence is what writer Lev Danilkin pinpoints as the reason of his worldwide travels. Enjoy an excerpt on the Galapagos Islands from Danilkin’s new book, “Kludge”, in our Reading section.

Aeroflot PREMIUM

Travelling is one of the most important aspects of our lives. For an avid traveller there is no distinction between interesting and mundane routes, places significant and not worthy of attention. Any business trip, holiday or an expedition becomes a discovery if the route was planned well and you know a bit more than the name of the hotel about your destination. The new July issue of Aeroflot Premium presents traditional summer destinations from unusual sides, which will help you see in a new light the beaches of the Black Sea, palms of Mauritius and Thai Tom Yum soup.As usual the issue has a selection of interesting and anticipated events of the month, the latest fashion news, reviews of restaurants and hotels, car premieres, relevant gadgets, unique items made by masters for connoisseurs.The issue’s hero producer and deputy director general of All-Russia State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company Dmitry Mednikov shared with us his own view of modern media environment and details of building an editorial policy.Special features this time include Report − climbing the Everest and trips to Nepal; a weekend in Moscow region visiting the famous estates in Weekend section, a new installment in the series on Russian winemaking in Spirits section.Fans of slow reading on long haul flights can enjoy the following articles: Science − prospects of inventing new antibiotics; Reading − a biography of one of the greatest representatives of French Post-Impressionism Paul Cezanne, an excerpt from a new book by Alex Danchev.

Aeroflot Premium‘s English-speaking readers can enjoy translations of all the articles and editorials.

Aeroflot STYLE

This summer, the entire world of fashion is a spectacular celebration of colour – and the July issue of Aeroflot STYLE is vivid proof of this. This month, we follow in the footsteps of maestro Karl Lagerfeld as we take to the streets of Havana, trying on outfits in succulent colours and unapologetically embracing bright shades of make up. Jewellers are doing their best to keep in step with world trends; the main focus for this season is on jewellery featuring gemstones − pieces which will be worn by the most vibrantly colourful women on the planet, such as Kristen Stewart, this issue’s main personality.

Shopping in London is something many people look forward to; you will find a guide to the city’s topography of fashion in our Reading section. Finally, our Lifestyle section recommends city terraces in whose soothing shade to hide when summer’s bright colours become just too much.

Aeroflot WORLD

AEROFLOT WORLD magazine is a unique monthly inflight media project that covers on-board media for three different airlines (Rossiya, Donavia and Vladivostok Avia) from Russia’s three major regions. The magazine contains international as well as regional features. AEROFLOT WORLD presents each airline and the regions they are based in.


S7 Airlines’ in-flight magazine is an intellectually stimulating full-color illustrated lifestyle magazine, a personal guide for travelers, frequent flyers and people leading an active lifestyle. The magazine is distributed free of charge on board S7 Airlines flights.

The Whole World has been published since 1996 for curious, wealthy and demanding people who follow the latest trends, know how to work and love to relax. The Whole World publishes unusual facts about life on earth, topical interviews, the best interiors and new products from the world’s leading designers. The magazine contains a guide to boutiques, beauty salons and fitness centers as well as celebrity news. The magazine is distributed free of charge in the business-class sections on S7 Airlines flights.


Красота & здоровье

This guide in the field of beauty and aesthetic medicine. For 10 years, he helps women to keep a youth and maintain health. The magazine interesting and accessible language describes the current methods used in the industry of cosmetology and plastic surgery, about modern methods of diagnosis and treatment of various diseases, beauty beauty-updates, nutrition and diet, as well as an effective fitness programs. Each room offers exclusive interviews with popular Russian actresses and stars of show business, famous cosmetologist, plastic surgeons and the best specialists of the Russian medicine.

Women's Health

Women’s Health is an innovative glossy covering a wide range of topics connected with healthy lifestyle.The publication provides you with passionate, authoritative and relevant point of view regarding not only healthy lifestyle, but fashion, beauty and relationship as well.
Women’s Health motivates and educates women to take control of their physical and emotional selves, so that they can live the lives they imagine.
The magazine helps to get the inspiration and stay true to yourself.


InStyle is set apart from other glossies by its unique and modern concept which concentrates on fashion, beauty and personal style. InStyle doesn’t lecture its readers on career or personal relations, it doesn’t gossip on private life of celebrities. It only shows its reader how to make oneself and the world around more beautiful. That is why InStyle readers on average are better educated than ones of the competitors.

Each issue of InStyle has particular theme and mood. Wide choice of features and beautiful shootings, huge amount of practical infor- mation make InStyle readers buy each issue. That is why the share of loyal audience is higher according to TNS survey figures.